Trail Information

The primary site I use to get brief descriptions of hikes, information about trail conditions, closures, rules, etc., is the Forest Service website. You can easily search by state and specific forest area, and there is information for local forest service agencies so you can call to get more updated information if needed. A couple great subpages on this site are the Gorge backpacking and day hiking pages.

The Oregon Hikers site is another great one, as it lists hikes by area and then gives a breakdown of their specific info. For example, the page with Columbia River Gorge hikes.

All Trails also has an awesome interactive map. You can zoom in and see all the hikes in an area, then click them for more information. This is how I initially found the Elk Meadows hike. Often, I just look for hikes in a specific area on this map, then use other sites to get more info on the actual hike.