Welcome to the seedling stages of my new online platform. At this moment in time, life is a puzzle. I’ve collected many pieces, placed them gently together, and I see the emerging themes. Yet, the full picture is unclear, the puzzle unfinished, and I walk down the path, knowing my direction, and not knowing the destination.

I physically feel as though I’ve been digging into the ground, searching for water to nourish me. I’ve relentlessly sought out ways to grow, ways to nourish my spirit and purpose.

And now, I feel like a bud opening. Blooming. And, I anticipate this cycle will continually repeat itself. This is the first of many seasons.

Thus far this blog is spreading in two directions, reflecting two of my passions and involvements in life: community, and nature. Posts about community, sense of community, and connection (travels to various communities, personal explorations of community, reflections on my studies as I work toward my PhD in Community Psychology, etc.) can be found on the Community page. Posts about hiking, backpacking, the importance of connection to nature, etc., can be found on the Nature page. There is also a Reflection page that consists of posts that are basically me trying to sort out the jumble in my head.

And I unfold.